A Birthday Wish

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my birthday. Love for all the obvious reasons, hate because it’s in December, smack in the middle of snowstorm, flu, and holiday season. My ideal birthday celebration is to surround myself with friends and family—but travel plans, illness, and holiday party fatigue often get in the way of that.

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The Weekly Review: Winter is There Edition

Hello lovelies.

At my parents’ house in Boston for Thanksgiving this week, sleeping in the bedroom that used to be mine and was then my youngest brother’s and now apparently goes to whomever stays the longest. It snowed on Tuesday, a gentle flurry that kissed the ground and melted. Here in CA it’s foggy, with the welcome promise of rain next week. 

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brightly, brightly, and with beauty

The Eastern seaboard is blanketed in an early snow. California is burning. It looks foggy outside, that hazy, sentimental kind of mist usually reserved for Christmas morning. The sunsets have been spectacular. You could almost be forgiven for thinking the apocalypse is beautiful.

It feels like I’ve come—not full circle, but full circuit. Not an intersection or a repeat of where I was, but a full revolution along the spiral path. A year ago, California was burning and my marriage was falling apart. Now, California is burning and I am beginning to put myself back together. Continue reading “brightly, brightly, and with beauty”