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1.  You find yourself rocking back and forth, even when your not holding the baby.

2.  Going to bed at 8 pm is the best thing ever.

3.  You sing, everywhere, all the time. On the street, in the subway, in stores.  Carrying the tune and knowing the lyrics are optional.

4.  You realize around dinner time that you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth all day.

5.  Everything gets a cute name.  Her toys.  Her outfits.  The dishes.

6.  Random things like shower drains and lawnmowers sound like a crying baby.

7.  You turn into a human jungle gym.  Hair, glasses, ears all become handles.

8.  Going to the bathroom becomes a family activity.

9.  Posting to your blog becomes one of those things you did before you had children.

10.  The best part of your day is coming home and seeing her smile.