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1. We made it to California. Despite all the things that went sideways with the move, it was actually a fairly easy one.

After five years in exile, it feels really good to be home. The landscape is right in a way that New England and Florida never were. Something about the juxtaposition of ocean and mountains makes my blood sing. I’m still not sold on Vallejo, but I’m willing to give it some time.

2. The California bar exam is in a month. My rational mind knows that I will in all likelihood pass. The rest of me is terrified that I won’t, especially given that a) I had 3 months to do nothing but study for New York and this time I’ve got 7 weeks of maybe 3 hours a day and b) I have no guarantee of a job past October and CA employers pretty much all require that you be admitted here. 

I’m also quietly furious, because the simple truth – and it’s something the bar examiners know – is that the bar exam has zero relationship to what a practicing layer does on a day to day basis. It’s mostly an expensive hazing ritual designed to keep minorities and poor people from becoming lawyers. And the bar examiners seem to like it that way.

3. I’ve been thinking about opening up the archives – posts from 2005-2007 and 2007-2010. If I did that I would put at least some of them under password protection. There are things twenty-something year old me said, before starting law school, that I’d rather not have on the open web. Would people be interested in that?

4. I’m doing yoga teacher training starting in September. This will either be one of the best things I’ve ever done, or one of the worst. Or possibly both. Stay tuned.