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A brought the Montezuma’s Revenge to Mexico, and ended up being ridiculously sick while we were on vacation. We have spent the last week and change in and out of Mexican and American hospitals. He’s finally feeling a little better, but he’s had a rough time of it.

Simultaneously, Z picked up a cold that has knocked me flat for the past few days. That, combined with a general lack of sleep, has wiped my ability to do much more than keep the two of us fed and dressed and entertained. She and I are also tentatively planning to go to OKC for my grandfather’s 90th birthday a little later this week.

My dad flew out to help us keep things together. It really does take a village.

There may be a longer blog post when all this is done. There may not. I make no guarantees about my ability to get blog posts out for the rest of the month. We’re all going to focus on getting better and getting back to normal.

On the positive side, Mexico was lovely.