1. My report went into the Department of Justice yesterday, and it totally involved a paralegal running down the streets of Washington D.C., documents in hand, and delivering them at 4:59 pm.  It’s a huge relief to have this over and done with.  I figure I’ve got about two weeks of downtime before we start back up with the 2016 review and report cycle.

2. Are you watching the X-Files reboot? I watched the first episode Sunday night, and I’m loving it.  The minute the opening credits started to roll I felt just like I was back in high school again – late on a Sunday night, the house dark and everyone asleep except me, and the spooky music making me pull the blanket just a little bit tighter under my chin. My favorite part of the show has always been the relationship between Mulder and Scully, the way Duchovny and Anderson manage to keep the tension wound tight between their characters, and do it in a way that’s realistic. Almost twenty years later, they’ve still got it.

3. Back to Brooklyn.  Our upstairs tenants in the Brooklyn house are moving out this week, so Adam is heading to New York to check them out, get started on prepping the apartment for the next tenant, fix the security cameras, touch base with the super and the broker, and generally handle the things that pile up when you’re an absentee landlord.  The tenants are moving into a brownstone that they bought about a year ago and have been gut-renovating – their blog is totally house porn and wicked fun to read.  We’ll be putting the apartment on the market mid-Feb, so if you’re in need of a place or know someone who is, shoot me a note.

4. Springtime in Northern California. I know, I know, it’s barely February. But our apple tree is starting to bud, the Jade trees are blooming, the grass is growing like crazy – in short, it’s looking an awful lot like spring. We’re going to go easy on the garden this year, focusing mostly on getting the yard under control and planned out.  I’m digging these garden plans though, and thinking we should give the canning garden or the salsa garden a go.

5. We’ve got three days left to raise about $3,500. Fireside Fiction is near and dear to my heart, but I’m a firm believer in only helping those who are helping themselves.  Thus my promise to get Brian and Fireside to their fundraising goal of $19,000 – but only if they raise the first $18,000 by their deadline of Friday Feb 5.  Brian’s thoughtful response to my questions and links to subscribe or join the Patreon are over at their Year 4 page.

Closing Tabs

Last weekend’s blizzard dumped 6.6 trillion cubic feet of snow on the East Coast.  And while some folks stayed home from work, others decided to build igloos and rent them on Airbnb.

Speaking of the Senate, the “Flamethrowers? Really?” Act is now a thing.

Mattel has come out with a new line of Barbies that actually look like real people. This is huge.  On the other side of the spectrum, new research shows that Disney has gone backwards in that its newer movies feature fewer women with less overall lines than the men.

Facebook’s messing with the Like button.  Are we ready for this?

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