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1. I’ve had a number of conflicting thoughts about Scalia’s death. Mostly, while I think that this is a good thing for the country, I also feel that there’s something inherently wrong in rejoicing in someone’s death, as some people seem to be doing. I think it’s possible to feel that one death will improve the lives of millions without necessarily enjoying the fact of that death. I also have mixed thoughts on the “clearly he was very intelligent and worked hard to get where he is.” Because in many ways Scalia represented the epitome of white male privilege, and it’s entirely possible that he would never have ended up where he was if he didn’t start the game on the lowest difficulty setting. And regardless of what you or I think about Scalia the Supreme Court Justice, at the end of the day he was a man with friends and family who are mourning him.

2. Z is growing up into a real person. It’s about the coolest thing ever to watch. Yesterday, she knocked her water over onto the couch, then went into the kitchen, dragged her stool to the counter, climbed up it, and brought me a handful of paper towels to clean the mess with. Those of you without kids are probably wondering what the big deal is. Those of you with kids are nodding along at the incredible awe and wonder I felt that this two year old, who cannot even get her shoes on without seven and a half reminders most mornings, actually remembered and executed the steps to clean up her mess.


3. We brought the bikes out today, and it was joyous. I’m looking forward to getting around town with Z in the trailer and to picking her up from school on the bike. I see the city in such a different way when I ride by it – there’s time to notice all her hidden bones and secret places.

4. What are you watching this summer? With the X-Files mini-series almost over, and Outlander not due to start until April – and therefore not ripe for binge-watching for several months – there’s a void in my evenings. Maybe I’ll finally finish Jessica Jones, or maybe I’ll take the plunge and start watching Breaking Bad.  Suggestions?

5. 2016 continues to kick ass and take names. Some old guy ran over (yes, ran over!) the Mabacle two weeks ago, and his insurance wants to total the car for about half of what it’s worth. Needless to say, A and I are both livid. The only upside is that because our insurance company appraised the car just a few weeks ago, we’ve got a pretty good idea what it’s worth. If the car survives this intact, we’re getting vanity place that says Mabacle. Because, reasons.

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You kind of have to wonder what would have happened had the second goalie been injured.  Would the Coyotes really have put a bank manager on the ice?

I’m having trouble believing this article titled “Don’t Drink Wine” isn’t a parody of itself.

Yup. I am definitely old. And somewhat sad that Tumblr and the like weren’t around when I was in high school.  The secret lives of Tubmlr teens.