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1. The Mabacle is no more. A got rear-ended coming home from work Thursday night. He’s fine; the car is not. In fact, it’s no longer car shaped. The insurance adjuster hasn’t come out yet, but I can’t see any possible scenario in which they don’t total the car. The only question left is whether the universe was telling us not to drive a Miata or not to drive *that* Miata.

2. Stillness, Patience, Compassion. This was the theme of the yoga class I went to on Friday.  While I generally find the “teachy” bits of yoga class a bit too new age for me, this one resonated. I am a very goals and action oriented person; stillness and patience are definitely not my strong points.  When I’m with Z, I have to remind myself – often – that it’s not about getting to the end of the trail or making our way through a list of activities, it’s about spending time together. Stillness. Patience. Compassion. I expect I will be thinking, and possibly writing, about these ideas for the next bit.

captains-mansion3. I’ve fallen in love with a house again. A series of them, actually.  Z and I biked over to the Mare Island Preserve this way, doing a bit of exploring as we went, and we came across the old officer’s quarters on Walnut Ave. These seem like they’d be perfect for shared housing – I’d love to see them filled with writers and artists and makers.  Anyone want to buy a house with me?

4. Have you read Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys? It’s been sitting on my bookshelf since I came back from  WorldCon 2014, and I can’t believe it took me almost a year and a half to read it.  It’s a bit like Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Series, but with teenagers, incredibly beautiful, literary writing, and a house full of women seers.

5. Up in the air. I’m heading out to NYC the week of the 7th, will be back for the weekend, then am heading to Dallas either the week of the 14th out the 21st. At which point we head into wedding season and, with any luck, D will let me pick up a bartending gig or two!

Closing tabs

The title of this NY Post article says it all:  “People in India are literally killing themselves to take great selfies.”

I found these absolutely stunning photos of modern dancers via an interview at My Modern Met that came through my Feedly. It’s called the NYC Dance Project, and I love that they were inspired to do this because their daughter wanted photos of current ballet dancers to decorate her room.

I’m all for wiping out mosquitoes, but this reads like it’s straight out of 1950’s pulp sci-fi. If there’s bunch of tetracycline dependent kids born in 9 months, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The best part of this article is the graphic in the middle telling you how many days a year your commute adds up to.

This one’s a bit grisly.  Turns out, sneakers are made so well these days that they will keep your feet from rotting after you die.

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