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1. Toddler’d. Step one to parenting a toddler: admit that you are not in control. A and I lined everything up perfectly for the Avon walk. Childcare. Hotels. Transportation. Fundraising. Then at 7:30 Friday night, after we’d been in the city all of 3 hours, we got a call that Z was sick. We ended up walking today, but we had to sit yesterday out. So we’ll be doing this again next year, with the goal of walking both days!

2. Faerie(tale) hair. 

3. Shut up and listen. The seating for the concert I went to last week was at shared tables, and I was at a table with a group of four couples who’d come together. They seemed ok at first, but when the show started it became pretty obvious that they were there to get hammered and talk to each other. And that made me angry. Because I’d spent a pretty penny for a seat closer to the stage, where I could really see and feel and taste the music, and they were one giant distraction. I thought about going home after Matt Nathanson’s set (it was a double header with Philip Phillips) but moved to the back of the venue instead. Where, even though I wasn’t so much into the music, I had a great time because the vibe was way more chill. Plus I got to do the meet and greet and get a big giant Matt Nathanson hug (highly recommended). On the whole it was a good evening, and a lesson in maintaining calm in the face of jerkitude.

4. Seeking concert buddies. Do you need more music in your life? Do you feel like you never go out because it’s to darn hard to find a sitter? Hit me up. We can do a kid swap date night or a girls only date night or any combo thereof.

5. The older I get, the more I appreciate spending time with family. Cliche but true. Having my brother out here last weekend was delightful, and Z, even not feeling well, is happy as can be that her Papa is here this weekend. I saw my grandparents and my aunt a few months ago It was the first time I’d spent time with them solo as an adult, and it was a fun visit.