The Weekly Review: Winter is There Edition

Hello lovelies.

At my parents’ house in Boston for Thanksgiving this week, sleeping in the bedroom that used to be mine and was then my youngest brother’s and now apparently goes to whomever stays the longest. It snowed on Tuesday, a gentle flurry that kissed the ground and melted. Here in CA it’s foggy, with the welcome promise of rain next week. 

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The (belated) Sunday Review: Unicorn Onesie Edition

Hello lovelies.

This is the first year Z’s really been excited about Halloween, and we are rocking it hard core. She wanted to decorate, so we put a few tombstones in the vegetable garden and have been creating “mosaics” with bats and witches and other spooky things to hang indoors. In related news, I am now the proud owner of an adult sized unicorn onesie, complete with wings and tail.

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The Sunday Review: Over the Mountains and Through the Woods Edition

Hello lovelies.

We are full into summer and loving it. Backyard barbecues, lazy days at the beach, and fresh tomatoes from the garden. As hard as it was moving out of the Vallejo house, I am so happy to have landed where I did. Among other things, the apartment hasn’t gotten hotter than about 75, despite the number of 90+ degree days. Continue reading “The Sunday Review: Over the Mountains and Through the Woods Edition”

The Sunday Review: Bloody Sun Edition

Hello lovelies.

I’m a bit late this week, finishing this up from a hotel room outside Yosemite. I’m up here for a few days with my brother and his wife, so I can watch my nephew while they’re at a wedding. I’m considering extending my stay out the rest of the week, as work is slow and I’ve got no reason to go back home until I need to get Z from school on Friday. Expect photos of the park in next week’s review. Continue reading “The Sunday Review: Bloody Sun Edition”